The Eliza Doolittle Speech & Elocution Course

Ages 6 – 18

“Alwight mayte, wassup?”

Loosely translated – “Hi, how are you?”

We run a very fun but tough course designed to improve the speech of students. Many of us are very ‘slack’ with our speech but there are times when we all need to be heard and we need to be clear and concise to get our message across. Whether you are 8 or 18 you can benefit from this course which will be tailor made to improve all aspects of your speech.

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The course consists of a one2one assessment at the start of the course plus 2-hr weekly sessions.


This 6-session course (including induction and assessment) is offered at SYT HQ at a cost of £120 per student. Student numbers are limited to 15

To express your interest in this course either contact Mitch on 01903 602 815 | 07788 497 779 or fill in the form below